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SYNTECS | Innovations:
- SYNTECS will develop an innovative DSE module through a combination of empirical and physical modelling techniques to create an ML framework linking hierarchical surface textures and process parameters to functional and multi-functional performance parameters.

- The three processing technologies will be combined in a single, stable machine platform for the first-time, allowing users to access hierarchical texturing without purchasing multiple machines (estimated selling price of industrialised machine: €800k, vs >€1.5M to acquire the multiple processing technologies in separate machines)
- The modular design of the machine platform will enable customers to customise the system (e.g. laser source) based on specific needs (e.g. material to be processed) to avoid unnecessary capital expense.

- Inline process monitoring and control will eliminate the need for timeconsuming offline process adjustments and ensure right-first-time manufacturing to eliminate productivity loss through rejection.
- Use of a highly efficient laser platform will enable surface texturing at an overall processing rate of 6 cm2/s for (equivalent to 51.8 m2/day). The use of USP lasers in burst mode for DLW processes on selected substrates (copper, steel) will be investigated to accelerate ablation efficiency, i.e. SRR to >5 μm3/μJ (equivalent to 30 mm3/min at 100 μJ pulse energy & 1MHz pulse frequency)
- Automatically stabilised digital switching between DLW/LIPSS and DLIP will eliminate process down-time.


Below, you can find the SYNTECS Innovations that the project are currently working on and that will be updated in the near future.

• SYNTECS | Complex shaped copper vapour chamber (VC):

SYNTECS will use LST to match and improve the cooling efficiency achieved by sintered wick VCs (by up to 48%) by enabling enhanced water/vapour transport and evaporation.

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• SYNTECS | Stainless steel mould inserts for modular mould tools:

Texture development on mould inserts will allow flexibility to transfer surface textures to different interior automotive components e.g. grained instrument panel casing for EVs.

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• SYNTECS | Representative orthopedic implant geometries:

Life expectancy is rising and so orthopedic implants must be designed for longer lifetimes and with improved properties.

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