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SYNTECS | Complex shaped copper vapour chamber (VC)

SYNTECS will use LST to match and improve the cooling efficiency achieved by sintered wick VCs (by up to 48%) by enabling enhanced water/vapour transport and evaporation. The multi-axis SYNTECS machine will enable texturing on internal surfaces of top and bottom plates which have complex geometries in the X, Y and Z planes.

DLW will be used to produce 50-200 μm grooves on the plates, with aspect ratios (3-5) that could not be achieved by mechanical methods.

These grooves will support long-range capillary action to pull water around the system. DLIP (10-20 μm) and LIPSS (100-200 nm) hierarchical texturing on top of the grooved structure will promote tangential transport of water between the grooves and give a larger surface area for evaporation.

The use of USP burst mode will be used to enhance ablation efficiency (to >5 μm3/μJ, 10x enhancement vs single pulse USP processing) to bring the process in line with industrial expectations for the production of ~5M VCs/ year.