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SYNTECS brings together a consortium of industry leaders and academic and research organisations that are at the forefront of laser-based processing. SYNTECS is designed to tackle the multiple challenges experienced with current chemical and mechanical surface treatments.

The overall aim of SYNTECS is to develop and demonstrate a digital and green laser texturing approach to generating complex multifunctional surfaces. A machine platform will be developed (TRL6), that enables interchangeable Direct Laser Writing (DLW), Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) and Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structuring (LIPSS), with a multi-axis motion stage for processing complex geometries and an inline monitoring and control system.

The combined system will streamline the generation of hierarchical surface textures, i.e. textures which combine at least two significantly different sized features. The surface multi-functionality enabled by these hierarchical textures will be demonstrated in three industrial case studies: an injection moulding tool, a hip implant system and a complex shaped vapour chamber.

Surface textures and texturing processes for these demonstrators will be designed using a Design for Surface Engineering software module, which will incorporate LCA guidance combined with predictive performance modelling to enable sustainable-by-design decision making.

SYNTECS will demonstrate that hierarchical laser surface texturing provides a highly efficient and flexible route to replacing multiple (typically chemical and mechanical) energy and resources intensive surface treatments steps with a single, digitally controlled, chemical- and waste-free process.