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Digital Manufacturing:
SYNTECS focusses on establishing efficient digitally controlled laser surface texturing (LST) to replace conventional (e.g. chemical and mechanical) surface treatments. LST is agile, flexible and resilient which is valuable in manufacturing environments where multiple products from different materials and with varying geometries are processed and/or surface functionalities are required.

Green Manufacturing:
Laser processing is a greener alternative to many chemically and energy intensive surface treatments. Laser processes can reduce CO2 emissions within manufacturing value chains by efficient processing and resource optimisation, using specifically tailored laser-based surface treatments that replace harmful chemical etchants such as HNO3 as well as directly assisting energy reductions in manufacturing processes such as injection moulding.


Newly developed laser surface texturing processes and patterns for specific functionalities for high-volume, high-performance applications. Newly developed multi-process module encompassing DLW/LIPSS and DLIP. New all in one process monitoring and control module that offers tight control of surface structures. New Design for Surface Engineering Module which will offer two distinct functions – process path planning and a novel LCA-CAD tool that will offer a unique ability to design the most sustainable surface texture based on environmental impact data.


New revenue streams for FB through sales of new multi-process LST modules and associated training (€16.4M revenues 5-years post-project); New revenues for 3DR through perpetual license sales of the DSE (€2.5M revenues 5- years post project); New spin-off for IWS to exploit the process monitoring and control package (€11.8M revenues 5-years post-project); New revenues streams for LAS through new SYNTECS machine sales (€61.6M revenues 5-years postproject); New surface treatment processes validated for commercial products for DPS, ETL, FAR, and CRF.


New clean and sustainable laser-processes to replace existing chemical and mechanical surface treatments; Greater awareness of LST benefits tools to make it easier to design and establish LST processes will encourage a shift away from existing harmful processes.